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仮屋美紀 SOLO EXHIBITION が開催されました!






作品の背後にあるのは、捕食者と被捕食者、強者と弱者が入れ替わる動的世界であり、さらに言えば王と道化が入れ替わる祝祭的な世界である”___横須賀美術館学芸員 日野原清美氏




■会期:2023.9.21 Thu -29 Fri

■開催時間:10:00 ~ 18:00

■Opening Reception: 2023.9.22 Fri 18時(入場無料)

■住所:〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座7-4-12 銀座メディカルビル1F


■URL:Shinwa Prive:

A solo exhibition by Miki Kariya, who is extremely busy with solo exhibitions and art fair exhibitions both domestically and internationally, will be held at Ginza Shinwa Prive (Tokyo).

Behind her works is a dynamic world where predators and prey, the strong and the weak, swap places, and even more so, a celebratory world where kings and clowns swap places.

               __Yokosuka Museum of Art Curator Mr. Kiyomi Hinohara

Many of her old works will also be on display, including new works of ”Mushroom Rabbit” which can now be called an icon of Kariya World.

Please take this opportunity to view Miki Kariya's works, which are currently attracting attention from many contemporary art collectors both domestically and internationally.

*A reception party will be held from 18:00 on Friday, September 22nd. Miki Kariya will also be in the gallery, so please enjoy chatting with the artist while being surrounded by Kariya's works.

■Period:2023.9.21 Thu -29 Fri

■Opening Time:10:00 ~ 18:00

■Opening Reception: 2023.9.22 Fri 18時(入場無料)

■Place:Shinwa Prive ~Ginza Medical Bldg.1F, 7-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


■URL: Shinwa Prive:


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